Baderbrau Chicago Pilsener


Beer type: Pilsener
Alcohol Level: 4.8%
Brewed By: Baderbrau
IBU: 30


Ahhh Chicago, sure I’m impartial, but we make some great beer. This pilsener is true to its name. It has a great color to it and it’s got a semi sweet smell. The beer has the right amount of bitterness to it. Not too bitter, but not too sweet. Get home on a Tuesday after work and want a few beers? Grab one of these and you’ll be satisfied.

Baderbrau says, “Your everyday drinking beer. Crisp and refreshing with a solid but not overpowering hop bite, Chicago Pilsener is an authentic Czech-style Pilsener made with all American malt and all European noble hops.”  I couldn’t agree more with the description. You can enjoy this guy from a can or pour it in your favorite beer drinking glass and enjoy.


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