Revolution Bottom Up Wit


Beer type: Wit
Alcohol Level: 5%
Brewed By: Revolution Brewing
IBU: 23


Revolution Bottom Up Wit is one of my favorites from Revolution and any craft brewery around. A wit is just a Belgian Style Wheat Ale, different from a US Wheat Beer like a Blue Moon. Usually, if you like Blue Moon, you’d like this beer and probably like it better. It has an amazing sweet aroma and it has an easy drinkability. I’d always recommend this beer to friends who are out of town or who are newer to craft beer.

Revolution is an amazing brewery. They’re based out of Chicago and both their brew pub and their brewery is close to where I live. Not only do they brew great beer, but they have some pretty awesome merch. Yeah….I bought two pins for my backpack and I have a pair of Rev Brew drinking glasses (No Shame). Along with that, the movie Drinking Buddies was filmed in their brewery! Great movie, great beer, enough said.

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