Coronado Brewing Co. Orange Ave Wit


Beer type: California Wit
Alcohol Level: 5.2%
Brewed By: Coronado Brewing Company
IBU: 15

Even though it’s almost September, it still feels like the middle of the summer with this heat. So what better way to cope with a hot, 100+ heat index day than by drinking a nice wit beer. Today’s is Coronado Brewing Company Orange Ave Wit. It’s your typical Belgian Wit style brewed by the Coronado Brewing Company out of Coronado, California.

This beer is like any good wit, it has a smell and taste of orange and coriander along with a semi-sweet aftertaste. It’s a refreshing beer that’s easy to drink (especially after walking outside in the heat). Coronado Brewing Company says to, “Expect a refreshing, light-bodied brew rife with citrus zing and a hint of earthy spice.” I’ve always been a fan of wit beers so this one is definitely one I’d have again. Plus, this same brewery makes a really good amber ale called Mermaid’s Red. Hopefully, I’ll review that one soon.


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