Cigar City Brewing Tocobago

Beer type: Red IPA
Alcohol Level: 7.2%
Brewed By: Cigar City Brewing
IBU: 75

It’s been a while and I’m not proud of it. I apologize. I’ve been working some later hours and haven’t had the “time” to write about any beers. But don’t you worry, I’ve still been drinking them. How else does one cope with a long day?

This review is coming from Marco Island, Florida, where I’m staying on vacation for about a week. Cigar City Brewing is based out of Tampa, FL, so I decided to keep it local with this beer.

The Cigar City Brewing Tocobago is a Red IPA that stuck out to me in the store. It smells like an IPA, but it’s red color makes it look like your traditional amber ale. When you drink it, you get a sense of the amber taste along with a bitter IPA finish. It’s a good balance of rich, malty flavor with a sharper bite at the end.

Cigar City says it’s “Brimming with Citra hops, our Hoppy Red Ale tempers its bitterness with rich malt flavors reminiscent of caramel and bread crust. Notes of blueberry and pine round out this assertive yet balanced ale.”

I’m a fan of this one and it tastes even better when sitting next to a pool. Be on the lookout for at least another post with another FL craft brew. Cheers!

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