Tighthead Reformator Doppelbock



Beer type: Doppelbock
Alcohol Level: 8%
Brewed By: Tighthead Brewing Company
IBU: 24

Tighthead Brewing Company is back for their second beer on the blog! Tighthead Brewing Company is based out of Mundelein, IL and has been brewing since 2011.

This Doppelbock is a seasonal beer offered in the fall, perfect for drinking on a cold night around a campfire or in front of a TV, whatever works for you. A doppelbock is a German-style beer that means double bock. A bock is just another type of beer. Word on the street is that monks began to brew the doppelbock when they were fasting. Essentially, it had enough ingredients to keep them healthy and obviously a bit buzzed.

This beer has a dark brown/black color to it with a breadlike maltiness smell. When you taste it, you get flavors of bread, caramel, and toastiness. Personally, I’m a fan of dark beers and I truly enjoy this one a lot. However, due to its  8% alcohol content, I can’t drink too many before I start to feel ‘real’ good.