Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn Hoppy Red Ale


Beer type: Red Ale
Alcohol Level: 6.5%
Brewed By: Pipeworks Brewing Company

Pipeworks Brewing Company is another great brewery out of Chicago, IL. They’re in the Hermosa/Logan Square area not too far from me. Let’s get to the beer.

The Blood of the Unicorn is a great red ale with a lot of flavor to it. It pours as a hazy amber color and leaves a good amount of head on the top of the beer. It first smells almost like an IPA but then you taste it and you get the sweetness of a red ale with a somewhat bitter aftertaste. They serve this beer in a 16oz can and the artwork on all of their cans is amazing. If you collected their cans, you could start a small art museum.

This is a tasty beer and I’d recommend to anyone looking to branch out from the bigger Chicago craft breweries. Good stuff Pipeworks, good stuff.


Allagash Hoppy Table Beer


Beer type: Table Beer
Alcohol Level: 4.8%
Brewed By: Allagash


Another refreshing beer that’s easy to drink. With a cloudy, yellow color, it has hints of fruit in the smell and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. The table beer is a Belgian style of beer with a lower alcohol content that’s easy to drink.

Allagash is a phenomenal brewery from Portland, Maine. You might have heard of them from their staple beer, the Allagash White. Allagash says it’s, “A mildly hoppy aroma full of grapefruit springs from this straw-colored, light-bodied ale.” Regardless, this is a good beer to try if you’re looking for something new to drink that’s pretty light.