Cigar City Brewing Tocobago

Beer type: Red IPA
Alcohol Level: 7.2%
Brewed By: Cigar City Brewing
IBU: 75

It’s been a while and I’m not proud of it. I apologize. I’ve been working some later hours and haven’t had the “time” to write about any beers. But don’t you worry, I’ve still been drinking them. How else does one cope with a long day?

This review is coming from Marco Island, Florida, where I’m staying on vacation for about a week. Cigar City Brewing is based out of Tampa, FL, so I decided to keep it local with this beer.

The Cigar City Brewing Tocobago is a Red IPA that stuck out to me in the store. It smells like an IPA, but it’s red color makes it look like your traditional amber ale. When you drink it, you get a sense of the amber taste along with a bitter IPA finish. It’s a good balance of rich, malty flavor with a sharper bite at the end.

Cigar City says it’s “Brimming with Citra hops, our Hoppy Red Ale tempers its bitterness with rich malt flavors reminiscent of caramel and bread crust. Notes of blueberry and pine round out this assertive yet balanced ale.”

I’m a fan of this one and it tastes even better when sitting next to a pool. Be on the lookout for at least another post with another FL craft brew. Cheers!

Collective Arts Brewing Life in the Clouds IPA

Beer type: New England Style IPA
Alcohol Level: 6.1%
Brewed By: Collective Arts Brewing
IBU: 50

This is my second beer from Collective Arts Brewing. I initially wrote about Prophets & Nomads back in May 2018. As a refresher, Collective Arts Brewing is based out of Stowe, Vermont. Vermont is the phenomenal state that holds the great title of most breweries per resident. Might need to take another trip to visit family up there soon.

Like the beer I wrote about before this (Noon Whistle Mosiac Gummy Northeast India Pale Ale), Life in the Clouds is a northeast style IPA. Traditionally, northeast IPAs have a more citrus flavor and less bitterness compared to west coast IPAs that are the opposite.

When pouring the beer, I immediately smelled the citrus aroma. It has a hazy, tangerine/golden color to it. When I drank it, I tasted a semi-citrus flavor and a crisp aftertaste. In my opinion, it wasn’t bitter at all, compared to a lot of other IPAs.

Collective Arts says that Life in the Clouds is, “an unfiltered beer, neither overly sweet nor bitter, with a pillowy mouthfeel.”

Overall, a good IPA that I would love to drink again.


Noon Whistle Mosiac Gummy Northeast India Pale Ale

Beer type: Northeast IPA
Alcohol Level: 7.6%
Brewed By: Noon Whistle Brewing

Happy 2019 folks! It’s been a while since I’ve written about beer and I don’t know why I stopped. Part of me didn’t know if I should keep blogging about it. But, another part of me thought why not? What’s the worst that can happen? (Odd foreshadowing moment) Anyways…To the beer!

Today, we’re talking about Lombard, IL’s own Noon Whistle Brewing Company. They have a series of beers called the “Gummy Series” that they say are “Hoppy, Hazy, Juicy and less of a bitter finish than a traditional IPA…”.

So, I decided to grab the Mosaic Gummy Northeast India Pale Ale from that series. My good friend Jack from Fomo Chicago loves this beer, so I wanted to try it out. Noon Whistle says it’s a “Double dry-hopped mosaic New England style IPA.”

First of all, this beer has an old-fashioned can opening style. You don’t just pop the small tab, you pull the whole top of the can off. That’s a unique feature to these beers right away. Once you pour it in a glass, you see a hazy, yellow color that starts to remind me of orange juice. Then, you get a fierce citrus aroma as you bring it to your lips. When drinking it, you get a citrus flavor which then transitions to a smooth, semi-bitter finish.

As we know, I don’t truly review beers with scores on this blog. But, I would give this a high rating if I was. It’s refreshing, flavorful, and it’s a good alternative to a traditional IPA.


The Alchemist Brewery Heady Topper


Beer type: Double IPA
Alcohol Level: 8%
Brewed By: The Alchemist Brewery

This is one of the most coveted IPAs in the country. In 2015, it was rated the 5th best beer in the world and I managed to get 3 of them due to some family in Vermont….score.

I’m not a huge IPA fan, but I can respect this beer. I can taste and feel the craft that went into this one. This is a double IPA with a sweet smell and bitter taste. The aftertaste bites right away and leaves your mouth with a feeling of dryness. Like my coworker rightfully said, “You drink this beer like a scotch.” It’s a perfect mix of hoppy and fruity that makes it such an amazing beer. Plus, it’s brewed with some of the rarest yeast you can find.

Another amazing beer brewed by John Kimmich. Cheers!

The Alchemist Brewery Focal Banger IPA

Not the best photo quality….black and silver cans make it hard. 

Beer type: IPA
Alcohol Level: 7%
Brewed By: The Alchemist Brewery

This beer comes straight from Vermont with style. This American IPA is packed with Citra and Mosiac hops, providing a pure and clean IPA taste. The can has a great design to it with a artsy type of drawing. I love the message on the bottom of the can, “Don’t be a D-Bag. Recycle this can!”

Regarding the taste of this beer, it definitely has all the characteristics of a good IPA. It has a sweet smell to it. When you first drink it, you get a light and sweet taste and then a bitter aftertaste. I’m not a huge IPA fan, but I could drink a few of these and be satisfied.

Cheers to the Alchemist himself, John Kimmich on this masterpiece of a beer.