Concerts and Beer: An American Treasure

With Chicago’s Lollapalooza hangover completed, I think it’s okay to talk about Lolla once more. However, I’m not talking about the actual event itself (which is now full of crazed, drunk, 18 year olds that crowd the Metra trains on that weekend). I’m talking about the Lolla sponsored after shows. That’s where the fun is at. Nothing like a 11pm door opening concert tucked in one of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

So, the Saturday of Lolla, I went to see a 11 pm after show with Jade Bird and Wilderado at Schubas. The real reason I went was for Wilderado, one of my favorite bands. I saw them on Halloween (Where they dressed as Walderado) in 2018 at Chop Shop in the city, and it was electric. They played at Lolla’s main stage on Sunday and absolutely killed it.

Anyways, to the show! Right when I walked into Schubas, I went to the bar (naturally). I saw that they had Schlitz, Old Style, PBR tall boys, and an assortment of craft beer. So, wanting a bang for my buck, I got a PBR. Then, we made our way from the bar to the music area. Wilderado went on and did their thing. Let me tell you, it was phenomenal experience standing there, drinking some PBR’s and singing along with one of my favorite bands. This is an experience everyone should go through multiple times in their life.

After the show, we grabbed one more beer, then waited in the back for Jade Bird to start. However, I don’t think we even listened to one full song of hers. We decided to hang in the hallway from the bar to the venue area, and the best thing happened. We saw the lead singer, Max and chatted with him for a little. Right after, we saw Tyler (guitar) and Colton (bass) and we chatted with them for about 5 minutes about Chicago, their tours, Lolla, and whatever else. They were truly awesome to talk to and I admit, I fan-boyed after.

To wrap all of this up, music and beer (or alcohol) are a classic pair. As a prime example, I noticed Wilderado’s bassist, Colton, was drinking an Old Style during the show and I was thinking, “wow, this guy gets it”.

Hopefully, after you finish reading this, you go and indulge in your favorite band and enjoy a brew or two while doing it.